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When yas-minor-mode is active, YASnippet will setup a menu just after the "Buffers" menu in the menubar.

In this menu, you can find


Loading snippets from menu

Invoking "Load snippets…" from the menu invokes yas-load-directory and prompts you for a snippet directory hierarchy to load.

Also useful is the "Reload everything" item to invoke yas-reload-all which uncondionally reloads all the snippets directories defined in yas-snippet-dirs and rebuilds the menus.

Snippet menu behavior

YASnippet will list in this section all the loaded snippet definitions organized by snippet table name.

You can use this section to explore currently loaded snippets. If you click on one of them, the default behavior is to expand it, unconditionally, inside the current buffer.

You can however, customize variable yas-visit-from-menu to be t which will take you to the snippet definition file when you select it from the menu.

If you want the menu show only snippet tables whose name corresponds to a "real" major mode. You do this by setting yas-use-menu to 'real-modes.

Finally, to have the menu show only the tables for the currently active mode, set yas-use-menu to abbreviate.

These customizations can also be found in the menu itself, under the "Snippet menu behavior" submenu.

Controlling indenting

The "Indenting" submenu contains options to control the values of yas-indent-line and yas-also-auto-indent-first-line. See Writing snippets.

Prompting method

The "Prompting method" submenu contains options to control the value of yas-prompt-functions. See Expanding snippets.


The "Misc" submenu contains options to control the values of more variables.

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