Yet another snippet extension

The YASnippet documentation has been split into separate parts:


    Contains an introduction, installation instructions and other important notes.

  2. Organizing Snippets

    Describes ways to organize your snippets in the hard disk.

  3. Expanding Snippets

    Describes how YASnippet chooses snippets for expansion at point.

    Maybe, you'll want some snippets to be expanded in a particular mode, or only under certain conditions, or be prompted using ido, etc…

  4. Writing Snippets

    Describes the YASnippet definition syntax, which is very close (but not equivalent) to Textmate's. Includes a section about converting TextMate snippets.

  5. The YASnippet menu

    Explains how to use the YASnippet menu to explore, learn and modify snippets.

  6. Frequently asked questions

    Answers to frequently asked questions.

  7. YASnippet Symbol Reference

    An automatically generated listing of all YASnippet commands, (customization) variables, and functions.

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